Creating stronger communities by building stronger families!

A family of 5 moved from Phoenix to live in the woods of Hermosa Creek Trail. The father decided to leave the mother and 3 kids (ages 7, 4 and 2 years,) taking all the money and forms of identification. With no car and no where to go, this family hitched a ride into Durango. The mother was transporting all of their belongings in the stroller and fortunately met someone who referred them to the Family Center. The Family Center coordinator was able to work out a plan of action, as well as provide food and financial assistance, refer the family to a shelter, help find housing, and connect them to other services (ID).

A single, pregnant Spanish speaking woman was unable to receive pre-natal care. Despite her several attempts at receiving adequate care she was unable to get help due to language barriers, lack of financial resources, misinformation or by a gap in services. Fortunately she heard about the Family Center through word of mouth. She asks in a timid voice “Do you know how I could see a doctor?” The Family Center coordinator was able to refer this woman to San Juan Basin Health, provide her physical transportation, translate the doctor’s instructions, link her with other resources and a lift pass showing her where the important stops were. This individual was able to receive ongoing support (items such as car seats and clothes) and became empowered to live in her community.

“Without the Family Center of Durango I would have gone crazy! They were able to offer me developmental information and support through the playgroups for my 3 month old. I was new to town and did not have a support system, I sure do now!”

“The Bayfield Family Center was able to help us out with a food box from the Bayfield Family Center Food Bank to hold over my family while I was between jobs. My children attend the Bayfield Family Center After School program which allows me to work a full 40 hour week and have my children in a quality educational program and receive tutoring help and have their homework done before I pick them up to head home.”

One couple and their 4 year old son have had success using the Safe Exchange program for a year now. The parents share a great deal of conflict between the two of them and have joint custody of their son. Along with that, the mother often reports up to 5 restraining order violations to the Police Dept. every week against the father. Despite this high level of conflict, the child has remained sheltered from it through Safe Exchange. He is dropped off at our safe, calming and comfortable Family Center through a third party and is later picked up by the other parent. The parents are able to avoid conflict which reduces stress levels for everyone. But more importantly the child is able to go from one parent to the other without knowledge of the conflict between the parents or have a conflict of loyalty. In fact his experience has been so positive that he often doesn’t want to leave the Family Center site and will receive a prize sticker as encouragement to leave until the next Safe Exchange.

The Center in General

  • Love you!

  • Staff members are very welcoming and respectful. A great resource!!! Wonderful, thank you!!

  • Great staff members and quick results, very pleased.

  • I appreciate you so much, God Bless.

Emergency Services

  • Thank you for helping out. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and concern.  I truly am thankful that organizations like yours exist in this community. We all have to remember that no matter what your circumstance, we all come across bumps in the road but we are all here to help each other out through those times.
  • Priceless, we highly value the service and friendly, respectful staff. P. is awesome!

Fort Lewis Mesa Family Center

  • Summer Home Visits before children start Kindergarten
  • Parent and her daughter loves the home visits as it makes them feel like an important part of the community and gives them so much information about child development. She also loves bringing her daughter to skating.  
  • Parent and her four children love the home visits and the children are always excited about the visit each year.  Their mother says it makes them feel better when they start kindergarten since they know the kindergarten teacher.  If they are feeling sad she can talk to them about their pets or other things she has learned during the home visit.
  • Community members value the Fort Lewis Mesa Family Center sponsorship of meetings at Fort Lewis Elementary school so they have a convenient, neighborhood place to meet to conduct community business. 

Parents as Teachers

  • Very great and helpful!!!


Love & Logic Parenting Classes
Identify the most valuable thing you learned in this class:

  • How to handle situations effectively. I learned that I did not handle situations appropriately and upset my children in doing so. With this class, I am making wise decisions as to how to effectively handle situations.
  • Empathy, I’ve treated my child like an adult from a young age. She didn’t learn that her Mom and Dad cared for her when she was upset. We must show that we are loving and powerful.

Health Coverage

  • A. got me in same day and answered my questions. Great service to our community!
  • J. is more than awesome!
  • Excelente atencion, gracias!
  • L.is extremely pleasant, professional and helpful.
  • L. was friendly and very helpful. Thanks for helping me to get health care-- it's very important.  
  • This program has been essential for me to find affordable health insurance. I'm deeply grateful!

Family Center Success Stories