• We will be prioritizing care for children of essential workers and parents returning to work, please enter your occupation on the registration form where requested.

  • All employees, parents, and visitors will be required to use face covering or masks while onsite at all times. All children will be encouraged to wear a face-covering or mask as often as possible.

  • No more than 10 children will be in one group in a childcare facility. Because of this stipulation and the size of our facility, we will have limited capacity. 

  • We will be implementing curbside pick-up and drop-off Procedures. A staff member will meet you outside and evaluate if your child is well enough to attend.

  • We will be encouraging  6-foot social distancing when possible and implementing distancing systems while learning.

  • We will be encouraging parents to take their children’s temperature prior to bringing them to child care. We will monitor children's temperature throughout the day and will be requiring parents to pick up their children when showing any symptoms or signs of sickness. 

  • We will be encouraging frequent handwashing

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*limited space available and preference is given to essentials workers and parents returning to work. Please submit Immunization records and June and July Calendar along with Registration form. Once all forms are submitted parents will be contacted with a confirmation of their children's scheduled days and next steps. 


*Important Notice 2020 Summer Camp*

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Bayfield Family Center:

Bayfield After-School and Summer Enrichment Program


Creating stronger communities by building stronger families!



 Thank you for your interest in the Bayfield Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Program! In an effort to serve our community, we have made the decision to move forward with offering a summer program during these challenging and unprecedented times. However, for the safety and well being of the children and families we serve, we are required to follow the evolving guidelines brought forth by state and local health authorities and the CDC. Please keep in mind that the decision to offer a summer program is contingent on the evolving pandemic status and may be reversed at any time. Below are some of the regulations we will be following, if you feel that you or your child will not be able to comply with these regulations, please let us know before registering your child for care.  Please keep in mind that these regulations are constantly evolving and could be relaxed or further restricted at any time.